Frequently Asked Questions

What is the examination in Ekovel center?

Each Ekovel center is equipped with unique diagnostic equipment, measuring units and software for determination of feet arch level in kids and adults.

A general physiatric examination of the condition of your feet and body posture is performed first. This implies the position of the Achilles tendons, the condition of joints, knees, hips, spinal column, shoulders and neck.

Next and most important step is the precise measurement of both foot separately and computer processing of the obtained data. Thus determines the exact level of your feet arches.

The results obtained are issued in the form of a printed statement of your feet and postural condition, so that you could consult with your physicist about further course of actions.

How can I schedule the examination in Ekovel center?

Contact the Ekovel centar in your area to provide your contact details and facts or suspicions of your biomechanical disorders or diagnostical needs. We will schedule your examination in first available term that suits you. CONSULTATIONS IN EACH EKOVEL CENTER ARE FREE.

How long do I need to wait for the manufacture of orthotic aid?

Ekovel Step Correct adjustable orthopedic insoles are pre-made in EU shoe sizes 24-48, so you will be able to start your feet and body posture correction with Ekovel Step Correct wright after the examination is performed. Once we determine your correctional needs the insoles will be set on required starting position and you will obtain instructions on how to use them in the period until your next control.

What is achieved by adjusting the insoles?

The main feature of the Ekovel Step Correct adjustable insoles is the precise easy-to-use mechanism. It allows the insoles to fit the corrective needs of each patient. Thanks to this mechanism, insoles can be adjusted to the initial minimum calculated height. This is important because that will be a height at which they will not impact on your feet and body aggressively and excessive.

Then the height of the vaults gradually (step by step) increases to the calculated optimal height that the arches of your feet should have.

Such action on the feet results in the gradual, most natural and painless correction of deformities. Therefore, the main advantage of the adjustable insole is the easy adaptation of the user to the aid and the correction it performs.

How long does the correction take?

The pace of adjusting and raising the insole vaults to the optimum corrective height for your feet is determined on the examination, depending on the condition of your feet, types of deformities present, and the way your feet adopts the correction.

Usually this period takes 3 to 6 months of gradual correction, with adjustment intervals of 7 or 14 days. When the insoles reach the optimum corrective height for your feet, they are no longer being adjusted, but further used at the specified height – the optimal height for your postural needs.

When can I see the first results and improvement?

Usually improvements are already visible in the first weeks of using the insoles. They reflect in relieving the points of excessive pressure on the feet, improved position of Achilles tendons and slightly corrected body posture in general.

By further improving of body static and dynamic, both the joints and muscles of the entire body are being relieved. This results in alleviating the problems caused by the low feet arch. A person can stand and walk longer without painful symptoms and fatigue.

However, long-term results can only be discussed after months of regular use of insoles. Permanent results will depend primarily on your age and the ability to adapt to correction.

How long is the warranty period of the product?

Ekovel Step Correct orthopedic insoles have a declared technological durability of 24 months from their first use. After this period they are not recommended to be furtherly used.

Producers warranty lasts for 6 months after the day of purchase and in that period if any defect of the product occurs you can claim the new pair. This is conditioned by the proper use of the insoles according to the instructions given in the user’s manual.

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© Copyright: Ekovel 2019