Deformities of the foot as the base of your body can significantly affect the condition of your Achilles tendon, ankles, knees, hips and spine.

Get an insight with our examination if at you and your children are present foot deformities that can cause disturbed body statics and posture disorders.

Schedule your FREE ASSESSMENT of feet condition and FREE CONSULTATION with our experts at Ekovel feet correction center in London, and get acquainted with the unique Ekovel system for prevention and correction of feet and posture deformities.

Thanks to our innovative and unique measuring system and devices, we will determine the precise level of both feet arches, for each foot separately, as well as all the other dimensions of the foot.

Precise analogue scales shows us length and with of the foot, height and depth of the medial longitudinal arch.

All these measures of the foot along with BMI are inputs needed to be taken into consideration for the most precise determining of ones correctional needs.

Specially designed software determines the exact correctional needs of each examined individual based on their foot condition, thus creating the best suitable therapy for your personal needs.

Due to professor Velimir Grujičić`s innovative patent, an orthotic aid Ekovel Step Correct, most feet deformities can be corrected, as well as biomechanical and postural disorders that are caused by inadequate feet condition.

Physiatric examinations and postural status diagnosis
Feet deformity evaluations with precise measurement of feet arch level

Each Ekovel center is equipped with unique diagnostic equipment, measuring units and software for determination of feet arch level in kids and adults. 

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